Friday, June 15, 2007

Well This Was NEEDED

Boston Bruins Press Release

"Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli announced today that the club has relieved Head Coach Dave Lewis and Associate Coach Marc Habscheid of their coaching duties, and will reassign them to other positions within the club.

"Since the season has ended I have completed a thorough review of the team and the coaching staff, and I have determined that Dave Lewis and Marc Habscheid are not the proper fit for the Bruins at this time," said Chiarelli. "I have a short list of candidates in mind, and I hope to have a new Head Coach in place in the near future.""


Justin said...

this is great news, hopefully yhe new coach won't handcuff the team with a dump and chase offense

The Duckman Says said...

You know. Everyone knocks dump and chase. They say it can't and won't work. The problem is not that. It can work, but a team has to switch things up. When you keep dumping the puck 95% of the time you have it, the other team's defense can turn their backs to you to get the puck. If you switch it up, dump and chase works.

Justin said...

It works at the cost of stiling the offensive creativity of the best players.

Its a conservative style that bores the players and fans, and doesn't score enough goals to warrent use with anyone but the muckers and grinders.

I think it actually harms the offense of performence of talented fowards.

Basically, the 1st two lines should only be dumping and chasing with a lead. The checking line/4th line can dump and chase all they want