Sunday, June 10, 2007


Dave lewis is horrible. Too many times has he messed up. Has anyone seen what his son looks like? I have.

Now, in no way am I about to start a rumor here. It's an idea. A thought. Because rumors are garbage. waste of time 98% are wrong anyways.

Bryan Murray, coach of the Senators,has yet to be resigned. As of July 1st, he is a free man. Now, Chiarelli might want to take up this chance. I beleive that Dave Lewis will be gone if not half way through this season, then the start of next season. Chiarelli seems to love his guys back in Ottawa. Is this on his mind? IT GOD DAMN BETTER BE!



The Duckman Says said...
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The Duckman Says said...

Ottawa will probably keep thier coach, showering him with millions because they finally made the finals.

Lewis is an awful coach. He plays too conservatively and makes the team play pre-lockout defensive hockey.

Except that hockey results in power plays and goals for the other team.

It also stifles offense, with the dump and chase game plan. I recall reading criticisms to that effect from Boyes, I believe, after he was traded.


The Duckman Says said...

The Bruins looked better shorthanded than 5-5 or on the powerplay