Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bruins Want To Get Giggy With It?

Oh god. I'm so sorry for headline. I hope that's a phrase that will die out soon.

But this is from the latest John Buccigross article on ESPN:

"The Bruins' roster is still a mess. As a result, quality goaltending is a must. The chances of getting Giguere are as good as anyone if Anaheim doesn't sign him before July 1. He has to wait because you never know what kind of offer you'll get. With Giguere's style and age, I would be very aggressive if I were the Bruins. I'd offer him an eight-year deal for $50 million. That's where I would start."


That's a crazy contract for anyone. 8 years? Besides, I don't think that Giguere would be the best solution. He wouldn't make the Bruin's an instant contender. Remember, despite his two brilliant playoff performences, he has been somewhat inconsistent in the regular season-struggling and even losing his starting job to Ilya Bryzgalov just a year ago. He might end up being a waste of money for whoever does get him.

Given that the Bruins are still rebuilding with youth, and have 2 quality goalie prospects, I don't think its a great idea to lock up a veteren goalie for 8 years and saddle the team with a huge contract.

I think the Bruins need an upgrade in goal, I'm not comfortable going in with Thomas as the starter, especially if that results in Toivonen sitting on the bench. If Hannu doesn't play consistently, he can't develop. I'd be happier and think the Bruins would be better off with a shorter term sloution. Perhaps signing Manny Fernandez or Curtis Joeseph to a one or two year deal?


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