Thursday, June 4, 2009


Maybe Ill post back here until I decide I want to pay for controlling my own blog.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

KLK - the line that will kill you before the coke does

Kessel Lucic Krejci

They seem to be doing pretty well. Krejci broke his cherry and so far has a goal a game since then. Kessel has stepped up his game and the dreamy thought of a "Kessel - Bergeron - Lucic" line has been doing pretty well as a "Kessel - Krejci - Lucic" line.

in the Bruins 8 game point streak...
Krejci has 3 goals 1 assist +0 and is 1 for 3 in the shootout, One first star selection
Lucic has 1 goal 4 assists +0
Kessel has 1 goal 2 assist and is +1 with two for three, One second star selection

So far in the past few games they have been picking it up and playing pretty well together. Not giving them any medals. Id just like to see what they can do.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bergeron is progressing

I'm a bit excited right now. There is a youtube video that shows Bergeron skating at the Bruins practice rink. I looked more into it and guess what! Apparently it was reported yesterday that Chiarelli has stated that Bergeron might skate for the first time in the next 5 days.

Im excited, yet, I dont know how this entire long bullshit will play out on Bergeron.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bruins move to 5-2

The Bruins beat the Rangers 1-0 in a OT shootout. Manny Fernandez started in goal and got the win and the shutout. Kessel won the game with a top shelf wrister as the Bruins 3rd shooter of the shootout.

A close tough game. I really liked how the Bruins played for most of this. A lot of good, tough, physical hockey. They held a good offensive Ranger team to 26 shots and held them scoreless.

It wasn't a perfect game, the Bruins took too many penalties with six, including two for both Murray and Chara.

They did draw a good amount of penalites, 16 minutes worth. However they never scored on the powerplay and never really even threatened. They never were able to set up in the zone, and never really had continued puck control in the offensive zone on the man advantage.

The offense was weak again this game, mustering only 19 shots, even with the numerous powerplays. The Bruins are currently last in average shots per game with 23. This is a result of coach Julien's restrained offensive philosophy which puts emphasish on defensive and neatral zone play.

Usually I would bemoan this, and the lack of offense is of concern, but with the young defense its probably for the best. I hope that Julien will amp up the offense later in the season when the defense gains experience and confidence.

Some things I noticed:
Milan Luccic is going to become a fan favorite very quickly. He's a good power foward and definately brings the body. He absolutely crushed a Ranger against the boards with a good legal hipcheck. Hopefully he'll see some more playing time as he has a good scoring touch, netting 30 goals last year in the WHL.

Savard and Murray seem off. Savard's passes that try to set up Murray for one-timers seem to be just missing. Murray has always been streaky, so I'd expect them to turn it on soon.

Manny was solid in goal, which comes as a relief to me because I do not want Thomas to be considered the number one starter. A tandem is what's best for both goalies. They each have shown that they work best in that situation. Thomas with Toivonen and Raycroft in the AHL and Manny with Roloson in Minnesota.

The Bruin's are 5-2 and I'm getting more excited about this season than I thought I would get. This is a very promising start.

*Ari went to see the P-bruins in Philly tonight, so maybe he'll post about it later.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some bits from Providence

The Providence Bruins got busy last night with a 2-1 win over Manchester... Here are some videos i was sent...

Rask 27/28

Nate Thompson dropped his gloves (see above)

Lashoff had an assist
Hoggan had an assist and was +1

Why Matt Lashoff is not in Boston right now is a big question I have. He is ready to go.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Ok. Maybe I went a bit too far in saying the team is a fucking mess. But they still seem to be spinning their wheels in a way. The trade for Schaefer doesn't seem to do much. It really doesn't make senseDonavan and Schaefer are pretty similar players. I don't see it so much as an upgrade than as a seemingly meaningless swap. Schaefer is more expensive to boot. But he did score twice as many goals, netting 12 to Donavon's six...but thats a small difference. My guess would be that Chirarelli wants one of his guys, which Schaefer obviously is as he is coming from the Sens.

My problem with the Hannu trade is I think Hannu had more value. I don't know. I feel like it could work out well, maybe this Soderberg kid will become a good player. But I don't know. Nobody does. I think we could have gotten a solid NHL scorer for him. A definate contributer.

The team is obviously banking on a kid from the monors to break onto the team score 20 or so goals. Otherwise there is no conciveable way the Bruins will score enough to win. Even with the upgrade in net and the improving defense. That's what happens when you finish 13th in the conference in goals scored and 14th goals allowed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hannu Traded

Well there goes the logjam in net. Hannu has been traded to the Blues for Carl Soderburg.\

I can't find much on Soderberg other than this from the Blues GM Larry Pleau:

"I like him a lot," Pleau said. "When we traded to get Keith Tkachuk and Doug Weight, we gave up some young forwards. We need skill players for our top two lines. Carl played very well on the Swedish world-junior team. I think about Christian Backman, another young Swede, who took three or four years before he came to North America. I see Soderberg taking some time and gaining success in their elite league before he tests the waters over here."

There is this too

He's also coming off a fairly serious eye injury.

I don't like this trade at all. I think that the prospects might be an even match. But I think goalies are a more valuable (both to a the team and as trade bait) than forwards. I also think Hannu is closer to being a NHLer than Soderberg. I don't particular like trading for foreign players either (I'm aware that Hannu is Finnish, but he's been playing in NA for awhile). I'd be much more comfortable with someone coming up through the AHL and being used to the North American game. I just don't think this is going to work out for the Bruins.

Also, I think Hannu was worth more on the market than this. I think they could have gotten a solid NHLer for him. This is also confusing because it flies in the face of the Fernandez signing. A signing that it is move for the team to compete now. Acquiring Soderberg may benefit the team in the future. If they want to rebuild, fine. I can deal with that. But they can't burn the candle at both ends. Its not productive.

A team should always be looking to improve and turnover is a part of every offseason. But additions like Fernandez are for a team looking for a final piece of the puzzle. Additions like Soderberg are for teams trying to start a new puzzle. The Bruins have the final piece for a puzzle they don't have and have started a new puzzle at the same time.

Did I go to far with the metaphor?

OK, well to put it plainly: The team is a fucking mess