Friday, July 27, 2007


Ok. Maybe I went a bit too far in saying the team is a fucking mess. But they still seem to be spinning their wheels in a way. The trade for Schaefer doesn't seem to do much. It really doesn't make senseDonavan and Schaefer are pretty similar players. I don't see it so much as an upgrade than as a seemingly meaningless swap. Schaefer is more expensive to boot. But he did score twice as many goals, netting 12 to Donavon's six...but thats a small difference. My guess would be that Chirarelli wants one of his guys, which Schaefer obviously is as he is coming from the Sens.

My problem with the Hannu trade is I think Hannu had more value. I don't know. I feel like it could work out well, maybe this Soderberg kid will become a good player. But I don't know. Nobody does. I think we could have gotten a solid NHL scorer for him. A definate contributer.

The team is obviously banking on a kid from the monors to break onto the team score 20 or so goals. Otherwise there is no conciveable way the Bruins will score enough to win. Even with the upgrade in net and the improving defense. That's what happens when you finish 13th in the conference in goals scored and 14th goals allowed.

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The Duckman Says said...

No Justin, this team is a fucking mess.

To help aid your confusion:

Donovan for Shaefer is another bad trade to add to the list. The Bruins need a goal scorer. Not Donovoan in a younger cheaper form.

Hannu is only 22. He has a lot of time to become a goalie. Im really affraid about how the bruins are going to treat Rask after they rush him and he plays the same as Hannu is.

This management of this team is horrible. Thats why its a fucking mess and wont get better. The management is not going to change and its going to hurt the bruins for years to come