Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Roenick Retires

Jeremy Roenick has hung up his skates. I know this isn't in anyway Bruins related, and this being a Bruin blog it's off topic. But Roenick has been one of my favorite players, in a world with too much boring rhetoric and too many player with no personality, Roenick was witty quote machine that often brought much needed mainstream media exposure to the often neglected NHL.

I loved watching national broadcasts of his games, because you know he'd always be miked up and he'd always have something to say.

Yeah, he may have been a distraction to his teams, and his final seasons showed he had very little left to give on the ice. But at least he knew when to leave and I now eagerly await his broadcasting career.

Oh yeah, anyone whose played NHL '94 knows that Roenick was a beast on the Blackhawks, unstoppable really.

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