Saturday, March 1, 2008

KLK - the line that will kill you before the coke does

Kessel Lucic Krejci

They seem to be doing pretty well. Krejci broke his cherry and so far has a goal a game since then. Kessel has stepped up his game and the dreamy thought of a "Kessel - Bergeron - Lucic" line has been doing pretty well as a "Kessel - Krejci - Lucic" line.

in the Bruins 8 game point streak...
Krejci has 3 goals 1 assist +0 and is 1 for 3 in the shootout, One first star selection
Lucic has 1 goal 4 assists +0
Kessel has 1 goal 2 assist and is +1 with two for three, One second star selection

So far in the past few games they have been picking it up and playing pretty well together. Not giving them any medals. Id just like to see what they can do.

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